Expose truck climbers in the harbours

VI in the picture – A successful approach

Number of climbers increases

A larger proportion of climbers already found in the Netherlands

“The number of climbers trying to cross the border to the UK illegally in the last three months was 430. This is almost twice as many as in the previous quarter. The total number of climbers found in 2016 was 1,280. In 2015, the total number of climbers was 500. The increase is mainly due to the fact that more Albanian foreign nationals were found.”

The number of climbers already found on the Dutch side of the Channel grew from 55 percent in 2015 to 83 percent in 2016. The other climbers were discovered on arrival in the United Kingdom.”

“This increase in the proportion of climbers already found in the Netherlands shows that the checks have become more effective.”

Source: Rijksoverheid

Vehicle Inspector finds truck climbers

VI in the picture

The Royal Marechause (KMar) does everything in their power to prevent the climbers to cross the border to the UK illegally. The Vehicle Inspector plays an important role when checking the vehicles, mainly trucks, in the harbours. With Vehicle Inspector the less visible and accessible places on and under vehicles are captured by cameras. This allows the employees of the Royal Marechause spot irregularities more easy, and therefore to do their work better.

A Dutch national TV station made an item on this issue and the Vehicle Inspector was featured in this item.

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