VI-2 Replay software

Gather all data, view video footage live or on replay, and be able to make fast the right decisions to maintain a good flow.

VI-2 Replay Software package is the most powerful software application we offer. The application is checkpoint driven. Each checkpoint will make use of a Vehicle Inspector or ANPR camera. All passing vehicles will be registered with or without additional video footage.

The application will gather all data from one or more Vehicle Inspectors or ANPR checkpoints, and offers a structured user interface to interpret the data. The software is flexible in the way of use and extremely scalable.

The VI Standard comes with both live view and replay viewer. The replay viewer has advanced video controls which let you control the playback speed, gives you the possibility to freeze all video footage and mark video frames with a flag. The live view shows the live footage from all of the checkpoint cameras but makes your security checks very fast.

Real time information and easy reporting

The real time notification center helps your staff by showing important information directly on their display. These notifications can help them in their decision making. Notifications can be generated from list events like a blacklisted plate number. Notifications can come from a third-party a source as well, for example a database of stolen vehicles. The report service let you generate and export the report data you need. You start by selecting a date range and selecting the report sections you need. From their your report will be generated on the fly. At this point you can apply filter to your report and actions will be visible in just a few seconds.

Self-monitoring software

The VI Standard Software is a self-monitoring software solution. It keeps track of all components of your checkpoints and makes the health of your system visible in the health monitor. In case of software or hardware failure automatic alarms will be sent to your staff. Optionally support tickets can be generated and send to our support team instantly with a full health status and logging summary.

Key features

  • Rich data history
  • Live view
  • Replay view
  • Custom Lists
  • User management
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Health management
  • Language packs
  • Data management