Improve vehicle fleet safety

The usage of Vehicle Inspector in a logistic company

Not only is the Vehicle Inspector suitable for security purposes, but is useful in other situations too! Keep track of the maintenance of your company’s vehicles by making full video logs. Or make sure your drivers only depart sober with the use of the VI Alcohol tester.

The perfect tool for vehicle maintenance

How can the Vehicle Inspector be used for vehicle maintenance purposes?
Make a full video log of the state of your vehicle each time the vehicle is returned to base. This is very fast done, and these videos give the opportunity to examine a vehicle for damage, and analyze and compare it with older footage.

This will help you with:

    Track your trucks and trailers.
    Ensures trucks will leave with the right trailer.
    Make sure broken trucks or trailers won’t leave.
    Find out when the damage has been caused.
    Save costs by repairing damage before it will get worse.
    Limit the chance drivers get stuck on the roads.


“Prevention is better, and indeed more effective and cheaper, than cure.”

Keep drunk drivers off the road with the VI Alcohol Tester!

Ensure your drivers only will hit the road in the right conditions by checking their alcohol levels on arrival and/or on departure. The VI Alcohol tester will perform a quick and easy test on the breath of your drivers. The results will be stored in the database immediately and if necessary the systems alarm will be triggered.

The setup

What setup do you need to get started?
To use both options in your logistic company, you need at least the following five essential components. Note that the system can easily be expanded with multiple incoming and outgoing checkpoints.

VI-Checkpoint-Vehicle Inspector
VI-addon-Alcohol Tester

Additional options

There are a number of alternative options available, which are an upgrade on the standard required components.

VI-addon-Top View
VI-Addon-Overview Camera