The Vehicle Inspector

The Vehicle Inspector is an universal solution that can be installed recessed or on top of the road and between rails. Save time and increasing the quality level of your vehicle inspections at the same time!

Inspect the undercarriage of a vehicle with the dual dPTZ, 360 degree, 4k cameras. Using the 360 degrees and anti-shadow technique, the underside of the vehicle can be viewed from all angles. Because of the smart camera window cleaning system, low maintenance is required.

Recorded footage and information are bundled in a VI-Clip and stored in a searchable database. All modules are hot-swappable. The integrated climate system controls the temperature and humidity inside of the Vehicle Inspector, making the system able to operate in tough environments.

The high dynamic cameras adapt to all types of vehicles without changing settings.
This can save you in costs and make inspections even faster!

Key features

  • High quality video footage
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Fits in all environments
  • Adaptable to various types of vehicles
  • Time saving
  • Reliable analysis with live view


Automatic cleaning system icon

Automatic cleaning system

Clean camera lenses are critical to create proper video-footage. With high pressure the view gets cleared from any kind of filth. This automated process starts before each security check and in a repeating cycle to prevent grime to attach itself to the system.
Integrated illumination icon

Integrated illumination

Dark scenes require artificial light to create high quality footage. The four-separate special designed lights are fitted with a special filter that softens and defuses the light. Together they provide a complete illumination of the undercarriage of vehicles.
Climate controle icon

Climate control

Controlling the climate within the system is very important. It will keep the moisture out of the unit, and making sure the video footage is clear. It will also expand the live span of your system. To high temperatures cause system failures and can follow to critical damage.
Traffic control icon

Traffic control

The software of the Vehicle Inspector can be used for either inbound and outbound traffic. The software can be configured on such a way it can prevent possible traffic jams, control traffic jams and arrange automatic gateway transmission.

Software package

The Vehicle Inspector comes with VI-2 Replay software. This powerful software application is checkpoint driven and can gather all data. View the video footage live or on replay, and be able to make fast the right decisions to maintain a good flow.

VI-2 Replay Software

  • Live view
  • Recording
  • VI: Recessed / Top / Rail
  • Supports ANPR extension
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