VI-2 ANPR Camera

Automate and speedup the registration of number plates with ANPR Technology, with one or even two ANPR cameras.

We use ANPR Technology to automate and speedup your registration work. The registration plate number is a necessary piece of information to identify a vehicle. The plate number is therefore the leading information in our database for storing data.

Each checkpoint can contain one or more VI-2 ANPR Cameras. Our software supports more than one VI-2 ANPR cameras per checkpoint to identify the vehicle from the front and backside. Trucks can have a trailer with different plate number. And you might be interested in the trailer information as well. In that case we link both plate numbers for truck and trailer to the checkpoint event.

Snapshot made with VI-2 ANPR camera
Snapshot made with an ANPR camera to identify the vehicle by its plate number.

Tracking vehicles

Addition VI-2 ANPR cameras can be installed to track vehicles on your premises. You can plan routes for your visitors and automatically open barriers on their appearance at one of your VI-2 ANPR checkpoints. VI-2 ANPR checkpoints can run without human interference. Alarms can be sent out to your staff on appearing vehicles that are not listed for entrance.

Key features

  • Vehicle identification
  • Automation
  • Barrier control
  • Vehicle tracking