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Remarks of the Eurosatory 2018

Thank you for visiting us at the Eurosatory. This time we prepared our event a bit different than before. The COGES offered us the opportunity to secure their VIP parking with our portable Vehicle Inspector setup. A great test for us because there was no time for on-site training and we had some opportunities to test the system with a few new types of vehicles. In this blog we will share some results and of course give you some insights in the thoughts of the operational team. The portable system did a great job during this five days event. Only requirements for this setup are a 220V power outlet and some free space on a tarmac or concrete road.

Facts and results

Golf cart on Vehicle Inspector

Printscreen of software VI
Number of inspections: 766
Number of comments: 7
Number of flags: 1

Number of returning visitors: 104
Number of golf carts: 3

The operational team

The team that performs the checks at VIP parking was very disciplined and worked very efficient to complete their goals. We were glad our system could bring the team some additional tools to make their work easier and performing better.
Security team operating VI

What people said about the Vehicle Inspector

“Easy to get familiar with the user interface or the process to organize the vehicle flow”

“Better than the mirror that only takes the sides of the vehicle.”

“Mirrors are unusable with too much sun/light, not enough contrast below the vehicle, with VI yes it is usable.”

“Recording of the car ID along with the extremely sharp video.”

“100% in favor of such a tool. Our test is passed!”