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Why the design of the Vehicle Inspector is unique

The unique design

This blog item will be dedicated to the unique design of the Vehicle Inspector. After reading this you will know the difference between the Vehicle Inspector and a regular line scan device!

Only the best materials

The vehicle inspector is forged out of the best materials. We use only RVS metals to make sure the VI can take a hit and is well protected against the worst environmental conditions. The parts made of glass that protect the camera’s, are scratch resistant, UV protected and extremely rugged. On top of all this, each module is IP67 protected, which means the system is able to take a nice bath.

Automatic cleaning system

Clean glass is important for clear images. The automatic cleaning mechanism ensures dirt doesn’t have time to attach to the surface of the glass! The glass is cleansed just before a vehicle is crossing the Vehicle Inspector and is repeatedly cleansed every couple of minutes to keep things clean even when there is no traffic.

Climate controlled system

The Vehicle Inspector is climate controlled to make sure the hardware inside of the device can operate on convertible conditions. This way the hardware last longer and makes the system work in even the worst environmental conditions.

Hot swappable parts

The VI is built up from seven IP67 rated modules, the camera module, four LED modules and two laser modules. In case a module needs to be replaced it will take just a couple of minutes of work to get the old module out and swap it with the new replacement module. Last but not least, the entire system has a backward compatibility of ten years.

Supreme vision

Unlike a regular line scan we do not produce flat images! The images produced by the line scan will miss a lot of details since it can only view the object from a single angle. The cameras in the Vehicle Inspector are bringing the imaging to a new level, it is now possible to view the undercarriage of a vehicle in a 360-degree perspective! All small gaps are visible and even gives vision on the front and back of a vehicle. Only one system is necessary to manage all types of vehicles. The system seamlessly switches between low and high clearance vehicles without the need for interference. Finally, a single system can be used to track record both incoming and outgoing vehicles.

The VI platform

Combining the hardware of the Vehicle Inspector and software will give you a great overview of all your checkpoints. Multiple systems can be connected over the network, making you able to get insights in all movement around your premises. You can simply get access to all stored information from within your network or over a secured internet line. All this, without the need to install a new software client. We know our platform! Both the hardware and the software are engineered by our own team of specialists. Integration with our platform in your existing environment is easy as pie.